How to stay fit and healthy this COLD winter!
I know we should be talking about weight loss or detoxing after Christmas! But we are much more about being the best we can ☺
So, as I’m always looking for ways to keep our bodies in shape I asked Charlotte Debeugny, our foody and nutritionist at Pilates Ouest to help me give you some better ideas for the: ‘New Year, Better You’ plan ☺

So, our immune system, after the nervous system is one of the most complex systems the body has. Our own army has to protect us from harmful invasions, destroy nasties and we don’t do enough to help it! This cold weather doesn’t help either, like me you’ve probably know of friends or family who have been ‘under the weather’ lately and you would rather not catch those bugs…
Yes, there are certain viruses that thrive in the cold and just being cold is enough to make it easier for the viruses to replicate. Now that I’ve added an extra layer of clothing, what else should I be doing?

We literally need to be ‘feeding’ our immune system. It’s amazing the list of nutrients that can keep the immune army strong: zinc, selenium, iron,copper, vitamins A, C E and B6, folic acid and Vitamin D, that seems like an awful lot of eating to me!
In order to get enough of these weapons we need to eat a balanced and varied diet, yes, you know, at least 5 servings of fruit and vegetables in one day. Good news for me as I’m a big veggie eater☺
Charlotte says the focus should be on our diet and not topping up with supplements, the natural mix of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants in food is much more effective and powerful than consuming nutrient supplements.
So with all that fruit , veg and vitamin C we are arming our immune system with the necessary anti-oxidants that protects our cells, shielding them from the damaging ‘oxidising agents’.
With a healthy dose of nuts and seeds, we can get a good measure of selenium, zinc and copper. I’m delighted that porridge has been mentioned, I’m a huge fan , made with almond milk I love to throw some dried fruit and seeds over the top ☺
> Check out the recipe ☺
Unfortunately I could never get the children to eat it and no story of Goldilocks was ever going to work!

Another top tip are lentilles , they’re a great source of protein and you can find a good source of iron, zinc , selenium and B6 in meat, poultry and fish.
The vitamin D is a difficult one. In the winter months we don’t get enough sunlight and as it acts as the commander in charge coordinating the cells and that they in turn respond appropriately, it’s a good idea to take a supplement during the winter months.
To help keep warm and have a positive effect on our immune system, tea and possibly even coffee can help encourage the production of interferons, substances that help fight infection.

So, the main points are:
Wrap up warm,
No need for expensive supplements if we eat a varied diet with lots of fruit , vegetables, nuts, seeds and protein sources.

> To help us keep on track , Charlotte has added two yummy recipes ☺